Ca’ra-Sone (Day of the Mask)

Held on the 21st day of Peret

Pranks are the main problem on this day. Those of the Bah’Aleen faith still hold onto the archaic belief that their eternal souls are at risk to be stolen. This idea has over the centuries led to the covering of the face with a stylized mask to confuse and confound those beings that are evil.

Modern society deals with those day as an excuse to hold a massive party, generally beginning a few days before the 21st and for days afterwards. It is not uncommon for people to throw gala balls with elaborate masks being removed at a predetermined time.

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Violet Dress

Working on some different art work to illustrate various parts of the series. Going to the “feminine” side of the book series for a change.

This is a dress worn by the Princess Synth’Ya that was chosen by her fiancée to commemorate his promotion.  He flattered her by noting the material matched her eyes. She is also wearing the ‘Firestone’ brooch he selected to woo her with.


violet gown ball 1

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Photoshop knock out option

I love to play in Photoshop, though it can make one very frustrated. Today I did learn the “knockout” option and how to use that in a group. It is soooo easy to use once you find out the steps.

This came about working on the cover for the second book.. still contemplating that cover and tweaking. The knock out came in making the letters from white to that silver… slowly improving

So here is the cover so far, still needs help

2019 redonewarrior book 2.jpg


If you want to figure it out as well here is a great tutorial I found online… Enjoy the creativity


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PandaDragon surprised

Caught PandaDragon reading the end of my book series. He is now sworn to secrecy or else….


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Savior or Destroyer

Which way will our hero turn….

Savior or Destroyer

This summer the story begins….


davior or destroyer 1.jpg




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Kulir (Fire Ball Games)

Held on the 3rd day of Peret

The Fire Ball Games is an old ritual that has been recently revived. Originally game was to test the endurance of the participant in the face of danger as a rite of passage for admittance to study the warrior arts.

The game grew in popularity, played by thousands before the abandonment of Antaila, the game went into periodic obscurity on the new world. At the present time Ontahl’Ya is enjoying a resurgence in this game.

In this game a ball of blue cold fire is passed between players using a sturdy heavy stick. The aim of the game is to get the ball down the field through the opposing team’s defense and into a waiting semicircular metal dome.

The game is played on a stone surface, with the players generally wearing fire retardant shields on their lower legs to prevent long lasting damage that is caused by the blue fire’s chemicals.

On Peret the 3rd, a worldwide gathering of both professional and armature players convene at several locations to demonstrate the game as well as seek out new players. It is a reminder of the past, ties to the warrior spirit, all the while still symbolizing bravery.


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Ontahl’Yan Word of the Day

Okay well onto next two projects… still incorporating holidays into the blog, so I figured I would add English to Ontahl’Yan in daily words blocks. My created language for the world of my book series.

The second project is making those scary maps and floor-plans…. that may take some time. Working on the “maze” first, we shall see.

Anyway here is an small example of the word of the day in Ontahl’Yan that I plan to do

dictionary of Ontalya.jpg

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